Amnesty International poleca: Master of Arts in Human Rights and Genocide Studies (academic year 2008-2009)

Consortium partners and teaching staff

The participating institutions are: Kingston University (London), Viadrina European University (Frankfurt (Oder)), the University of Siena and Collegium Civitas (Warsaw). This joint programme also has the cooperative support of the University of Uppsala and the Centre d’Etudes et Recherches Internationales (CERI) (Sciences Po, Paris). Programme coordinators are: Prof. Philip Spencer (Kingston), Prof. Ilaria Favretto (Kingston), Prof. Gerard C. Rowe (Viadrina), Dr. Carmen Thiele (Viadrina), Prof. Marcello Flores (Siena) and Prof. Jadwiga Koralewicz (Warsaw). They are joined by a large team of internationally recognised experts from various relevant disciplines.
Curriculum and module streams
The programme runs over three semesters. Students will study at least two partner universities (starting at either Kingston or Viadrina). The programme is organized into 7 module streams, with total credit point value of 90 ECTS (180 UK credits). The curriculum is interdisciplinary with primary emphasis on law, political science, history and dispute resolution. An important place is given both to practice (including an internship) and to academic research (including a

The module streams are:
– Human rights protection – legal and institutional frameworks
– Case studies in genocide and mass violence
– Research methods
– Responses to mass atrocities – legal measures, peacekeeping and reconciliation
– Humanitarian intervention – legal and institutional protection
– Internship with an organisation related to the subject of the programme
– Dissertation
Degree awarded
Successful students obtain the academic degree of ‘Master of Arts in Human Rights and Genocide Studies’ (M.A.), jointly awarded by Kingston University
(London), Viadrina European University (Frankfurt (Oder)), the University of Siena and Collegium Civitas (Warsaw).

Target groups
The programme is aimed at graduates in a range of disciplines (law, social sciences, politics etc.) either already working in or seeking a career in the field of international or national human rights protection, conflict prevention and response to problems of genocide and other phenomena of mass violence. It provides an ideal preparation for work with a wide range of international organisations (e.g., UN, UNHCR, ICC, OSCE, International Committee of the Red Cross), national organisations (e.g., human rights offices, foreign service, defence and foreign aid sectors, national Red Cross/Red Crescent) and NGOs (e.g. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch). It will also provide a basis for future academic work, in particular for those aiming to prepare a doctoral thesis in this field.

Application process and deadlines
Admission qualifications and the application form are available from:
Applications are made through Kingston University, London

Tuition fee and scholarships
The registration fee for full Master’s programme is 9,750 EUR (not including travel or accommodation). The partner institutions will assist participants as far as possible in obtaining scholarships. Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek financial support themselves where needed.

Starting dates
Semester 1 will start at:
– at Kingston University, London: 29 September 2008
– at Viadrina European University, Frankfurt (Oder): 13 October 2008
Further information and contact
We kindly ask you to forward this announcement about the start of the new Masters Programme to all colleagues who may be interested. Please pass the
information on to all potentially interested students or recent graduates as well.
Many thanks and best wishes.

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